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Creating a New Event


There are three ways to add a new calendar event:

  • From the project dashboard: click New Event in the Today’s Events widget
  • From the calendar page: click the New button
  • From the contact profile: scroll down to the Events section and click the + Event button

On the New Event page, there are a number of fields to complete:


Field Name Description

Name the event.


Describe the event.

Type of Event

Choose the type of interaction from the drop down list: e.g. email, phone call, sales centre visit or meeting.


Choose one of the following from the drop down list: private (only visible to you), all team members (visible to all of the project’s team members) or specific team members (visible to you and the team members you specify).

Team Members

This field is only present if you have chosen Specific Team Members in the sharing field. Choose team members from the drop down list.

Start Date

The date the calendar event starts.

End Date

The date the calendar event ends - usually this is the same as the start date.

Start Time

The time the calendar event starts.

End Time

The time the calendar event ends. This could be the same as the start time (e.g. for an email) or different from the start time (e.g. for a visit or meeting).


Choose when to receive a reminder of the event. This is an internal reminder and will not be sent to the contact attached to the event. Accordingly, you may wish to set a reminder for a day or two in advance for visits/meetings so you can phone or email the contact to remind them as well.


Choose which contacts to attach to the event. If you have created a new event page from a contact’s profile or page, this field will be prepopulated, but you can add additional contacts if needed.

Inventory If you will be discussing specific inventory units, attach them here for your reference.


When the information is entered and you are ready to save your calendar event, click Create.


Follow Up Schedule Events


If a follow up schedule is automatically applied to a contact when they register, the scheduled events will populate on the assigned team member’s calendar. Similarly, if a follow up schedule is applied manually, the scheduled events will be assigned to a chosen team member as the schedule is applied. Since follow up events are automatically generated as soon as the schedule is applied, any of these events that are assigned to you will appear on your calendar without being manually added. For more information, see Follow Up Schedules.


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