Files can be hosted within your Spark project for easy access. Uploading important files, such as preview packages, will allow you to easily share them. Files can be linked to individual emails or to email templates.

Uploading a New File

To store a file, go to Menu → Files. To upload a new file, click the Upload File button. 



Name your file, add any desired tags and either drag your file into the selection box or click Select File to search your computer. Once done, click Create.



File Management

List View

Files 3


The list view allows you to search for a file, delete a file, edit a file and copy the link to a file.


To search, type all or part of the file name in the search box. If tags are assigned to your files, you can also filter using those tags.


To delete a file, click the trash can icon and to edit it, click the pencil. To copy a link to the file so you can add it to a button or email template, click the link button. If the link is copied successfully, you will see a notification pop up at the bottom of your screen.

Grid View

Files 2


If you prefer looking at your files in a grid view, click the grid icon. You can search and filter as with the list view, and you can also access the same options to delete, edit, or copy the file link by hovering over the file and opening the micromenu.



Note: If you delete a file or replace it with a new version, be sure to carefully review your email templates and update any links to that file.


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