Inventory List

The inventory list is extremely versatile and is designed to manage inventory with ease and efficiency. Use the search bar to find specific units, or use the filters to target specific groups and apply mass actions to update multiple units at once.

To find the inventory list, navigate to Menu → Inventory → List. The default list will include all units and displays each unit’s number, list price, area and status. Additional information can be displayed by selecting the desired category using the column selection button in the far right of the column headers.


Filtering the Inventory List

Use the filter sidebar to create a list of units meeting the specified criteria. Filter categories include statuses, pricing, area, unit details, exterior, associations and options and upgrades. Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously, allowing you to focus on targeted groups. 


Performing Mass Actions From the Inventory List

You can also use the filter criteria to create a list of units to which certain mass actions can be applied. Once units have been selected, the following mass actions are available:



Mass Action Description

Change Status

Contacts 7

Updates the status of selected units. Select the new status from the dropdown list and click Update.


Update List Price

Update List Price


Updates the list price of selected units. Choose whether to add or subtract a specific amount or a percentage to/from the current list prices. If you would like to round your prices, choose the rounding you would like to apply. Finally, select whether to apply the changes to sold units and click Update.


Assign Floorplan

Assign Floorplan


Assigns a floorplan to selected units. Select the new floorplan from the dropdown list and click Assign.


Assign Team Member

Contacts 2

Assigns a team member to selected units. Choose the team member from the dropdown list and click Assign.



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