Managing Storage on a Contract

Assigning Additional Storage to a Contract

When an inventory unit is converted to a contract, the associated storage unit(s) carry over to the contract and are shown on the contract page. Team members with a permission role of Sales Rep or higher can add new storage and edit existing storage units with their corresponding pricing, upgrades and discounts (which are contract-specific). Taxes are automatically applied as specified in the project settings and cannot be edited. 

To associate a storage unit to a contract that has already been created, scroll down to the Storage section and click + Storage. Storage can only be added if there is at least one storage unit with the Available status. If there are no storage units with the Available status, you will not be able to add storage. This feature helps prevent a project’s storage from being oversold.

If there is at least one storage unit available, select the desired storage unit from the dropdown list. Add any applicable discounts, upgrades and upgrade discounts. You can also set the storage unit as No Charge or Included. See No Charge vs. Included Storage for more information about these two settings.

When storage is applied to a contract, it receives the Pending status until the contract is firm, at which point the status will convert to Allocated.

If a contract is rescinded, the storage unit(s) associated with the inventory unit revert back to the original state. Any additional storage units added on the contract will be removed and returned to the available storage pool or pre-allocated to an inventory if there is an unsatisfied capacity. 

Editing Storage on a Contract

To edit a storage unit, navigate to the contract page and click Edit in the micromenu next to the storage unit.

The storage type, list price, discount, number, prefix, suffix, floor, location and building can be edited. Additionally, the No Charge and Included designations can be added using their associated checkboxes. Finally, storage upgrades and their associated discounts can also be linked with the storage unit, if any are available.

Note: If the upgrade is associated with the storage unit from the contract page and the contract is rescinded, the upgrade will be stripped from the storage unit. If it is associated with the storage unit from the Storage List in the inventory section, the upgrade will remain associated with the storage unit once it converts to a contract and also if that contract rescinds.

Removing Storage on a Contract

To remove storage from a contract, click the micromenu beside the appropriate storage unit and select Remove.