Creating a New RSVP Event


If the RSVP feature is enabled for your Spark account, you can access it from Menu → RSVP. The RSVP dashboard displays upcoming events in one tab and past events in another.

To create a new event, click the New RSVP button.


Event Information

Ensure the information is as complete as possible when creating a new RSVP event, as this information is used to generate the invitation.


Field Name Description
Event Title

The name of the event - displayed on the invitation and registration page.



Where the event is being held - displayed on the invitation and registration page.


Start Date/Time

When the event starts - displayed on the invitation and registration page.


End Date/Time

When the event ends - displayed on the invitation and registration page.


Event Description

Limited to 150 characters - displayed on the invitation and registration page.


Permalink Used in the public RSVP URL. Must contain only lowercase letters, numbers, dashes (-) and underscores (_). A permalink is automatically generated but can be edited if desired.



An event can be public or private. A public event is accessible to anyone with the event invitation, including a forwarded invitation, or the invitation link. A private event is accessible only to those contacts who have been sent the invitation directly. If you make the event private, anyone who has not been directly invited to the event via the RSVP page will receive an error message. The default error message is “Invalid registration for private event” and can be customized if needed.


Public RSVP Page

The public RSVP page is accessible to anyone with the link, but if the event is private, only those who have been invited directly are able to RSVP successfully.

In this section, you can design the event registration page and select which information fields you would like to include.

Background Image: This appears behind the event registration widget on the public RSVP page. It spans the full background of the web page and scales based on the dimensions of the browser window. Ensure the background image has a high enough resolution to display nicely on large computer screens (max file size = 10MB).

If you choose a background color, it creates a semi-transparent overlay of that color on top of the background image. By default, this is set to white to give the background a slightly faded appearance and draw focus to the event information. You can also blur the background to enhance this effect.

Header Image: This appears at the top of the registration widget and at the top of the invitation template. It automatically scales to 380 pixels wide.

Registration Field Options: In this section, you can allow invitees to bring a certain number of unregistered guests. You can also select which fields to include on the registration page and whether you want them to be mandatory fields. By default, the only required field is the email address.

When all of the elements have been chosen, the invitation and registration page will look similar to the below:


RSVP_Invite_HR RSVP_Registration_HR


Link to Public RSVP Page

This link can be distributed to invitees or used in email templates to direct recipients to the public RSVP page. The default invitation email includes a button with this link.


Invitation & Thank You Emails

Until the event is created, the default invitations apply for the Invitation and Thank You templates and the subject line is “Thank you for registering!” All of these can be edited after the event has been created if you would like to customize them.

From Email: Select the email address you want the invitation and thank you templates to be sent from using the drop-down list. If you do not select an address, the default is be your company email, if specified, or otherwise.

From Name: This is the email sender name. For example, you might use the project name or the name of a sales team member.

Once you click Create Event, you can edit it to further design the email templates, register attendees and send invitations.


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