Registration Forms Overview

Registration forms are the key to collecting and managing your leads in Spark. Setting up your registration form is simple, but there are a few steps to follow in order to maximize the benefits Spark can provide.

The ability to view and modify registration forms is restricted to users with a permission level of Manager or Administrator. There are three registration form types: Web Registration, On-Site, and Survey.


Type Description
Web Registration

Used for website registration forms. This type of form is often left unstyled in Spark and incorporated on the website by a web developer using the custom registration form code.


Used for onsite registration forms. This type of form is often styled in Spark and displayed on a tablet (or a visitor’s own device, via a link displayed as a QR code) at the sales centre.


Used for general purchaser or agent surveys. This type of form is often styled in Spark and emailed to contacts via a link.


Common use cases for each registration form type are described above, but each type can be used with the URL/link embed code, iframe embed code or custom registration form code in order to match your unique use case.


To view the registration forms page, go to Menu → Forms → List.

This page displays a list of any existing registration forms of that type you may have. Alternatively, click the All tab to view all registration forms. Above the list, there is a Recaptcha Setup button and a button to create a new form. If you have been assigned a Web Developer role, you will also see a link to view our Registration Form Developer Guide




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