RSVP Event Dashboard

The RSVP Event Dashboard provides a snapshot of your RSVP Event so you can easily see important stats, register guests and manage your RSVP email templates.

Prior to your event, the RSVP Event Dashboard displays event information such as the number of invitations sent and accepted, how many additional guests are anticipated, the total attendance, the number of declined invitations and the number of invitations that have not been responded to. Clicking on the invited, accepted, declined and no response sections brings up a list of corresponding contacts which you can filter and perform mass actions on, including creating custom or smart groups. You can also edit your RSVP Event by clicking on the Edit button in the micromenu.


Register Contacts

In this section, you can register either an existing or new contact. Contacts registered in this manner are automatically marked as invited and accepted and will not receive the invitation template or be required to self-register on the registration page.


Invitation Template

Before sending the invitations, you can preview the invitation template and edit it if you need to make any changes. You can also preview and edit the thank you template, which is automatically sent when an invitee registers.




When you are ready to send the invitations, click Send Invite. This creates a new event campaign email. The process is very similar to sending a normal campaign, but Spark will check behind the scenes to make sure that the invitation you’re sending is linked to the right event registration page. If it doesn’t, Spark will let you know so you can correct the event link.


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