Sending Deposit Emails


Part of your office practice may be to send reminders of upcoming deposits to your clients or to send an email to everyone with overdue deposits. If a large number of deposits are due (or overdue) within a short period of time, one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is to use the filter to target the specific group of deposits about which you wish to send an email, then click the micromenu at the top right of the page and select Send Email.


The rest of the process is very similar to sending an email campaign. To create your email, fill in the subject and from name fields and select the email template you wish to send. If you do not already have a deposit reminder template for your project, contact the person responsible for making the project’s templates or create a template in Carpenter.


The Deposits section lists the deposits about which the email will be sent, as well as the units, purchasers, agents and deposit statuses. If you need to remove specific recipients from the list, uncheck the associated deposit.


To finalize the recipients, toggle the purchasers, their agents, their lawyers or any combination of these to green. When you are done, click Next.

The Review Contract Email page is your final opportunity to confirm the subject line, email template and recipients for the email. You can edit the subject line by clicking the pencil icon, view the email template by clicking the eye icon, see all of the recipients by clicking the list icon or edit them by clicking the pencil icon.




You may wish to send a test email in order to ensure the correct email template has been selected and that it displays as anticipated. When you are satisfied, you can either schedule the email to send at a later time or date or click Send Email to send it immediately.

Watch the Video Tutorial!