Storage Management


There are two types of storage associations: inventory and contract. When storage is associated with an inventory unit, it is carried into any contract associated with that inventory. Similarly, any upgrades applied to storage on the inventory level are also carried into any contract pertaining to that inventory. If the contract is rescinded, the storage unit and any inventory-level upgrades remain associated with the inventory unit.

By contrast, if additional storage is associated with a particular contract, it is associated with the contract only. If the contract is rescinded, the additional storage returns to the pool of available storage and upgrades or types associated with the storage unit on the contract will be removed.

Pre-allocated Storage (Inventory)

When inventory is initially imported by the Spark team, the number of Pre-allocated storage units (demand) is set. Initial prices should be also set before creating the storage unit project total so that any future price changes apply only to newly created storage units.

Once storage units are created, the number of included storage units will be automatically associated with the project’s inventory, connecting the storage units to the inventory units. 

Since the Standard type is associated with inventory by default, it is not necessary to know the exact quantity of each storage type, or even individual storage numbers prior to beginning pre-sales. These can be added at a later stage of your project’s development while still reserving the required number of Pre-allocated storage units from the outset.

For example, if a project has 120 storage units and 100 units, each with one storage unit included, 100 Standard units will be associated with inventory and given the Pre-allocated status, the remaining 20 storage units will not be associated with inventory and will be given the Available status. 

Once storage is added to an inventory unit, Administrators, Conveyancers and Managers are the only permission roles permitted to edit them. This includes adding or removing storage units and editing types, pricing, and upgrades.

When inventory converts to a contract, the storage type and upgrades become contract-specific. Any changes made on the contract do not impact the storage on the inventory until that contract is firm. If storage is removed from a contract, it returns to its original inventory state. If storage is removed from an inventory unit, it will reset by returning to the project default type (Standard by default) and price and all upgrades removed.